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  • ​Find out why doctors now recommend and so many patients choose this powerful but natural treatment over drugs or costly surgery and what you can expect.

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Yes, We Accept Insurance

We accept most insurance plans at our office (Including Medicare, Medicaid, Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, and Blue Cross Blue Shield). Auto accident and personal injury are also accepted. If you have a question about your specific insurance, please claim your free consultation and our office will verify that your benefits are covered before treatment at no charge.

You Don't Have to Live With Foot Pain.

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We’re offering you for a FREE Consultation in our Lyman, SC, office where you’ll benefit from:

✅ One-on-one time with an expert in Plantar Fasciitis & Heel Pain.

✅ Factual information about NON SURGICAL, natural solutions to your problem.

✅ Advice on the next steps you should take towards effectively alleviating pain.

What Patients Are Saying About Elite Wellness Center:

What Patients Are Saying About 

Elite Wellness Center:

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Elite Wellness Center in Lyman, SC, is an integrated medical clinic where the medical team works to improve a patient’s overall health, while also providing relief from painful symptoms.

Their focus is on healing the root cause of pain or discomfort, with a goal of minimizing the need for drugs or surgery. The doctors on staff offer a wide variety of chiropractic treatments for conditions including sciatica, migraines, knee pain, and more.

The team of doctors and nurse practitioners on staff use a combination of chiropractic, massage therapy, and physical therapy rehabilitation services to provide the best possible patient outcomes.

You Don't Have to Live With Foot Pain.

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